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How Do You Turn Your Degree Into A Teaching Job In Texas

Teaching Jobs

Micah Fikes
Micah Fikes on September 18, 2017

What if you could put your degree to good use and work in the area you studied? Texas, just like so many states, is always in need of dedicated teachers who love their subject.

Educators strive to shape young minds and inspire the next generation of leaders, doctors, artists, and innovators. Coders, biologists, mathematicians, and even business management professionals can parlay their knowledge and expertise into teaching jobs in Texas with ease. 


Teaching Is a Great Option for Recent College Graduates


teaching-job-in-texasMaybe you’re already done with school and seeking gainful employment or perhaps graduation is not too far off, and that means that job hunting is near. You didn’t spend the last few years becoming an expert in your subject area for nothing.

Ubiquitous openings at companies that offer competitive pay and benefits can be few and far between. And no one wants to finish a degree and keep serving tables for a living.

What is your passion? What did you study?

These questions are asked of recent grads frequently, but here is the thing. You can pursue your passion and continue working with the content you studied by putting your skills to use in the classroom. There is a profession that needs your drive, your knowledge, and your dedication. There is no doubt that becoming a teacher is a solid career move.


The Most In-Demand Teaching Positions


Everyone remembers their favorite teacher, and we all know educators are integral to everyone’s success. One of the biggest draws to teaching is knowing that you’re impacting the future by helping students grow.

The demand for teachers is real. Most states face a teacher shortage, and many districts offer signing bonuses, as well as stipends, for high need areas.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, also known as the STEM fields, are growing every day. Bilingual teachers are always sought after. People with a passion for working in special education are needed as well.  

Can you imagine going to work and knowing that you’re helping shape the future of the students in your classroom? Getting to talk about a topic you love? That’s not something everyone can brag about. Working in a state that offers top pay, fewer and smaller classes, and reasonable instruction time makes teaching an enticing profession to enter.


Requirements to Become a Teacher


You don’t have to have a degree, or even a minor, in education to become a teacher. If you have a degree, a 2.5 GPA or higher, you’re able to pass the TExES content area knowledge exams, and you possess a passion for a subject that is taught in school then entering an Alternative Certification Program is an option open to you.

Once admitted you will develop a plan for certification with the help of staff knowledgeable in the process, then you will look for a teaching internship before you apply for a probationary certificate. Once you have worked through the requirements, you can apply for the appropriate certification online and you will be a full-fledge teacher!


The Benefits of Becoming a Teacher in Texas


Teaching offers a plethora of benefits. In Texas, many teachers start their careers at $50,000 a year. While the pay varies from area to area and by content taught, that is a solid foundation to step onto.

teaching-job-in-TexasTeachers have reliable benefits, paid time off, and retirement options. Each year that you grow and continue learning, your pay will step-up. Being a first-year teacher is simply a stepping stone.

By year 5, you can be earning a significant increase above your starting salary. The more you grow in your profession, the more opportunities that open to you in the classroom and beyond. The best administrators start as passionate teacher.

During the school year you will stay busy. Prepping, grading, and teaching are intense! But teaching allows you to use your strengths to create engaging lessons that inspire kids.

You are constantly learning and growing in your content area and your practice. From working with colleagues to better streamline classroom manager to learning new technologies to flip your instruction, there is never a day you won’t learn with your students.

There’s flexibility in knowing your work Monday through Friday during your contract hours. There is predictability with breaks and vacation time. You know you won’t be working a closing shift on Christmas eve or opening on New Year’s morning.


Sound Good?


If you have your degree, or if you’re nearing graduation, you can utilize a Texas teacher certification program. 

Taking an alternative route to becoming a certified teacher means that you can show your content knowledge and pick up on the pedagogical practices on the way. Texas needs teachers who love what they teach and teach what they truly love.

ECAP can help you be that person!


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Written by Micah Fikes

Micah is the Director of Curriculum & Technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in British Literature, from the University of North Texas and a Master of Arts in Teaching, from Louisiana College. In his previous career, Micah served for 14 years as a banker and bank manager. For the majority of this period, Micah managed the Downtown Fort Worth location of Frost Bank. In 2005, Micah finally surrendered to his true calling to be an educator. After a brief, but fulfilling term teaching high school English at Flower Mound High School in Lewisville ISD, Micah went to work for the family business, training teachers.

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