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How To Find Teaching Jobs In Texas

Posted by Micah Fikes on August 27, 2019

As you’re working hard to become certified to teach in the state of Texas, you may be thinking about the next step...finding a job.

How To Answer The Top 4 Toughest Interview Questions for Teachers

Posted by Micah Fikes on June 4, 2019

Some people approach job interviews like they would approach a large dog. They walk a mental line between fight or flight as they try to look strong, but secretly pray to see a metaphorical tail wag from the interviewer.  A fortunate split from the metaphor exists in that an interview is (hopefully) prepared for, while chance meetings with large animals are rarely expected.

Texas Teacher Search Tips For Landing The Best Job

Posted by Micah Fikes on May 22, 2019

Updating your resume and drafting an eye-catching cover letter takes time. But even when you’ve completed both, searching for open positions can be just as time-intensive. The search alone can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re still enrolled and taking classes in a Texas teacher certification program.

5 Tips To Land Your First Job As A Texas Teacher

Posted by Micah Fikes on May 20, 2019

You come out of your interview, and you know you did great. You nailed all the answers to the questions. But a few weeks later, you find out that you didn’t get the job. You don’t know how that happened.

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