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Texas Offers Partial Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Posted by Micah Fikes on August 14, 2018

The student loan debt crisis is a hot topic across America from living rooms, where parents and students look for ways to pay for college, to the halls of Congress, where legislators work to manage the federal student loan programs.

What You Need To Know About The Texas Teacher Retirement System

Posted by Micah Fikes on January 9, 2018

Most financial planning experts believe that the best time to start thinking about retirement is today…...whether you are fresh out of college and looking for your first job, or contemplating your retirement next year. With that in mind, for incoming Texas ...

Big Things Are Cooking In The Little Elm School District

Posted by Micah Fikes on December 19, 2017

Sometimes good things come in small packages. The Little Elm Independent School District in Denton County, currently enrolls nearly 7,400 students in five elementary schools, a K-8 campus, a sixth grade center, a middle school, and one high school. It’s one of the small districts in North Texas, but like most things in our great state, it has “Big Heart.”

Navigating The New Texas Teacher Certification Rules

Posted by Micah Fikes on October 25, 2017

This year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has rolled out a variety of new rules and their implementation directly affects teachers. While these changes may initially be a little intimidating, if you’re armed with the right information, you can easily navigate the shift and ...

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